Frequently Asked Questions

What if I decide to wait to pick up Easyappmaking 2.0?

First of all, we’ll be around, because we already have thousands of happy users who have created tens of thousands of apps. However, we are moving to a monthly subscription model, so be aware if you wait, you’ll be locked into recurring payments. So why wait – grab Easyappmaking 2.0 now!

Is Easyappmaking 2.0 just for Android phones?

Easyappmaking 2.0 creates apps for both Android and iOS. They can be uploaded to both Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

What if I want to change something on my website – will it break the app?

No worries! Easyappmaking 2.0 automatically updates your app whenever you make a change to your website, without you ever lifting a finger.

I’m already getting great traffic – why would I need an app too?

In the words of our happy customer Mr. Maurice:
“It’s ironic that my website doesn’t rank anywhere amidst competition of millions of other photographers, but my app has thousands of installs, great fan following, checking my pics every day.” So if Maurice can drive this much traffic with just an app, imagine what you could do with the powerhouse combination of organic traffic and app.

I’m not sure I understand ‘Push Notifications.’ Can you explain them for me?

Of course! Here’s a great definition from “Push notifications let your application notify a user of new messages or events even when the user is not actively using your application. On Android and iOS devices, when a device receives a push notification, your application’s icon and a message appear in the status bar.

I’m not a coder. Can I still make an app?

Absolutely! If you can ‘cut & paste,’ upload images and click a button you have all the skills you need to make an app with Easyappmaking 2.0.

I’ve used ‘drag&drop’ app builders before and I found them time consuming, frustrating and expensive. How is Easyappmaking 2.0 different?

There is no simpler way to turn your optimized website into an app than Easyappmaking 2.0. In just minutes, with only 3 very simple steps, anyone, regardless of experience can create an app version of their website. No learning curve required.